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This symbol illustrates those things that are necessary for us as believers to obey Christ’s command to shine as lights in a dark world. The symbol of the Women In the Church is an old fashioned kerosene lamp, preferably one with a clear bowl so that the oil and wick are clearly visible.  In order for this type of lamp to burn, there must be oil in the bowl, the wick must rest in and be saturated with the oil; the wick must also be kept trimmed and regulated by the little knob on the side of the lamp. In order for the lamp to give the brightest light possible, the wick must be clean and free from impurities and the chimney must be kept clean.


Our lives must be filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit, like the wick we must rest constantly in Him and draw our life from Him. Any spiritual light seen in us comes from the fact that we are in Christ and He is in us. The knob on the side of the lamp represents the Bible, because our lives will only shine as they are daily regulated and trimmed in obedience to God’s Word.



Impurities in the wick are like sins of the spirit, such as attitudes that hinder the work of the Spirit within us or our neglect of Bible study and prayer. A dirty chimney is like sins in our lives that prevent others from seeing the light of Christ there. As WIC’s, we should strive to walk so closely with the Lord that nothing will obscure the light of Christ living within us.



"For Zion’s sake I will not rest and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep silent,

until her righteousness goes forth as brightness and the salvation

thereof as a lamp that burneth."

Isaiah 62:1


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